St. Paul’s Public School, contributes to society, in the field of education. It believes in total commitment to building a well-groomed society.

This esteemed institution is situated in the green city, one of India’s most beautiful cities, where people from other states not only visit but prefer to be educated as well. St Paul’s School makes sure that it specializes itself as an educator and builds moral values.

Being situated close to MANYATA TECH PARK is another feather to its cap as it reaches out to educate all the categories of children. It also makes sure that it taps the various talents that lie in budding youngsters. Every student in this school is pruned, manured and watered to bloom into a unique plant so it blossoms in this world.


Every day is a new beginning! A smile and a positive approach will enhance a person's day with a rainbow above. We, the management and staff believe in the word "OCEAN", so we strive to provide every opportunity to explore one’s abilities.

A welcome note is extended to you, with a fresh new page to express your thoughts for the welfare of this esteemed institution.


The TCRC trust believes in the saying, “BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED". This trust consists of the management. A platform for success is placed, for every student being educated here. It aims to reach the skies and build a moral character with values it provides to it's students.
Indeed, your child will be a trusted person and will uphold virtues.



A tree with its richness of yield owes to the root that tirelessly works in contributing to the quality of the fruit. The richness of quality education is spelled by one’s stable character.
The three golden words “PLEASE", "SORRY" and THANK YOU", is the iron platform for the students at ST PAUL’S PUBLIC SCHOOL, besides the strong chord of humanity, it is a knot to assure it's presence not only at school but also among one another.
The flower of tolerance, kindness, simplicity, and faithfulness spreads its fragrance to everyone who comes in contact. These are virtues are wrapped carefully in the layers of TRUTH, UNITY, AND WISDOM.


Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord. Sickness can be cured through medication, positive thinking and a positive approach. I am Dr. Albert David C. Well! My profession reads that I cure diseases, and logically speaking I spread the touch of healing through education, to the provoking minds of our present generation where, every tongue spells more...


THE LORD IS MY SHEPHARD I SHALL NOT WANT. I, Prakash Paul C. the secretary, am an engineer by profession, with a wide range of knowledge that enables me to handle situations that vary in different fields. My vision stands apart where my focus is to impart education to the young thirsty minds, who are always on the move to unlock the closed more...


HE WHO DWELLS IN THE SHELTER OF THE MOST HIGH AND ABIDES IN THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY WILL SAY TO THE LORD “YOU ARE MY REFUGE AND MY FORTRESS.’’ I am Maria Benjamin, I hail from the state of Kerala, but, born and brought up in the city of Bengaluru, the glorious Silicon city that stands high in technology . I am a more...