The academic year comprises of two terms.



For the benefit and the upgradation of students, tests and exams are conducted where the seed of competition is focused upon.
Languages spell to the perfection and the upgradation of students, whereby the pupils earnestly seek to occupy the driver's seat in the field of academics.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a proverb that this temple of learning believes in.
Timely vacation is provided for students, where relaxation peeps into the daily routine but does not continue its stay, as it may hinder the progress in their performance at school.
The month of April spells excitement, as the completion of an academic year, where the curtains are drawn for the students to pitch in and contribute to the personality development.



Have you ever imagined standing in the center of a rainbow. The fantasy of creativity with all the colours seven in number wrapped around you. Well ! A feeling to be on top of the world. The children of our institution, celebrated the festival of Dussehra at their homes, the Dussehra vacation added to their existing joy. Great going ! Young angels.


This month brings with it baskets of joy and cart loads of laughter. The laughter of children enable every living creature to sigh a relief, from one's ego, a month dedicated to bubblie children. The children's day programme added a new flair of ideas and thoughts in the minds of our young yet, matured children.


December the last month of the year, has everlasting memories that is cherished in their small and tender hearts , our enterprising young students make sure that these memories remain to be ever fresh and constant with a fringe of positive energy to enter into another fruitful year, with the blessing of the almighty to back every thought and idea. The celebration of Christmas adds to the festivity of their vacation.


Every year has a new beginning, A cart full of fresh thoughts, aspirations, desires, goals, ideas etc. Kids, the jewels of families who by and large form the cream of the society with their unique yet enterprising ideas and thoughts and of course their style of appreciation have a role to play in the development of the Country. May January, the first month of the year brings every kind of joy to enkindle within you the spirit of confidence laced with the thrill of great achievements all through the year.


We are happy children all united in the Lord
We belong to Palu's family.
The Almighty has called all to carry out his plan
Over every land and sea.
From the north and from the south
And from the east and west
He has called us all together
Yes we are united, that we are united
Into God's own family
Now as students, we must learn to carry out his plan
Living in simplicity
Let us learn to share all the talents that we have
With everyone we meet each day.
Yes we are united, that we are united
Into God's own family


The dawn of a new day is special because the Almighty has given us another day to carry out our daily chores.
Deep down there lies a longing to adore and worship the Almighty, in the midst of our daily routines.
Every morning, at our institution, the day begins with a meaningful assembly, to educate the young minds with the essence of prayer, the day’s news and moral values, to respect one another, and to have an alert mind all through the day.