A parent contributes a great deal to the development of a child.
A healthy tree produces healthy and tasty fruit. Well!
Parents share a great deal for a child's healthy growth of mind and body.
Parents are indirectly sculptors for the perfection in their child’s growth.
You, dear parents are free to contribute your thoughts and ideas.


The invention of the wheel has brought loads of comfort for us human beings.
We, in turn, want our children to have the basic comforts of life.
Parents are thrilled to know that their children will have the facility of good transportation.
Sighting the view of parents, regular transport has been provided for the benefit of your kids.


St Palu's Public School has a busy schedule, busy as bees, are the minds of today's generation.
Six days at school is an appealing statement, the school's timings:
Monday to Friday: 8.15 a.m to 3.15 p.m.
First and third Saturday: 8.15 a.m to 12 noon.
[Time for competitions] various competitions will be held to explore the hidden talents and skills for growth of sportive behaviour among the growing minds.


Equality, is a virtue that spells out one’s character, to cater to the interests of the students, to erase the difference in status, we call for, equality in attire. The word “UNIFORM”, ensures a student’s appearance is appealing and dignified.

The color combination is splendid. The color blue speaks of solidatory and the color white reveal volumes of purity.


Every mom and dad is special, because not every woman can be a mom or every man can be a dad, your timely interaction with us will blossom, if you take a step forward then we will complete the journey in the safety of your child.

C - Come
A - Appreciate
R - Recognize
E - Encourage

All the abilities your child possesses, to help him/her to reach the zenith of life.